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The two pictures used on the default page

Furgs with a bit of 'Corel Print Shop Pro'-ing!!  He was called Oscar when we got him;  he was a bit wild.  


Furgs with a more sympathetic treatment in his later days

He came from the RSPCA Ridge at the end of 1996 and died on Christmas Eve 2012 aged about 16 3/4


Furgs stomped into our life on his long legs in 1997.   His fur was like silk and although his facial markings made him look a bit cross, he was a very loving boy.   He was prepared to listen through the night to Test Match Special and enjoyed our recent win in India.

Considering that I am a keen photographer;  I have very few pictures of Furgs and none that do him justice.   There may be some slides in the archives.

Reflected in a mirror

Looking innocent

Connoisseur of beds

In the garden

Furgal was bitten in a cat fight, assailant unknown, and never managed to fight off the infection.  

He suffered politely and took his last trip to the vet on Christmas Eve 2012

Furgs in his favourite place;  he's comforting his wound on the velvet of the chair back.






On the freezer where he spent most of his last days