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Arenal 8-WAY

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We stopped at a cafe and gift shop on the way and photographed the iguanas in the trees.   The males were in breeding condition

Iguana bas relief?

Iguana posing on some waste land:  what a tail!   Closer view with reduced amount of tail on the left

On the way to Arenal we stopped at the Waterfall gardens at La Paz

La Paz

Bamboo Orchid

View of the volcano from our cabin PC


Arenal volcano erupting   CW

Jane and Martin's Chalet   MM

Silver backed leaves


Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Taking a boat trip down the River Frio from Los Chiles


The pineapple plants were planted very close together.  It seemed to be about 9 plants to the half metre squared, but I was looking from inside the bus and I may have got it wrong.

We stopped at the bridge cafe again to see the iguanas

The Boss

Iguana at bridge on the way    MM

Spectacled Cayman smiling


Nicaraguan border




Little Egrets and anhingas were common taking advantage of perches in the river

1.  Sloth parent

2   These pictures were taken within  a few seconds of each other so sloths are not quite as slow as we were led to believe...

3.   There might be an eye showing!

The young sloth moved off quite quickly along the branch and was not afraid to show his face;  his parent just relaxed.


Hanging Bridges


Suspension Bridge hundreds of  feet above the forest floor    EA

View from the bridge   GA

Edward   GA


Farm Tour

Making Tortillas   PC

Georgina, Nick and Peter finding out how it is done

Reception class   PC

Lunch on a banana leaf   PC

Sloth   PC

Emerald basilisk   PC

Butterfly   PC

Red-legged Honeycreeper   PC

We crossed Lake Arenal by boat   GA