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Corcovado 8-WAY

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The fer-de-lance is found in Corcovado.   It is territorial and because it bites hundreds of people every year and there is no antidote;  we had to wear short Wellingtons when on the paths.   At night we had to use a torch to check for snakes.   The gardener only a youngster had been bitten a couple of times already.   We did not see a  single snake or tarantula or dangerous animal, but maybe they saw us - we made enough noise...  

We were collected off the plane by Manfred and his driver

There were large stone spheres on the ground which made and place by the indigenous people of the region possibly as a way of marking the time of year.

Neglected Engine awaiting the money to be repaired

Staging Post, here we could change into bathing costumes or shorts for a wet landing at Corcovado.


Riverside des. res.

We saw a white Great Potoo chick on its own by the river sitting on a branch.   It did not look at all safe from predators   PC

On arrival we were welcomed by Louis in the Bar/Dining room and were delighted to see some capuchin monkeys in the trees

View whilst enjoying a sundowner


Cabin door

White fungus

Coconut Palm


Leaf-cutter ant carrying a bit of leaf

Another one

Exoskeletons of cicadas


Manfred met us at 5.20 each morning to watch the birds getting up.   We saw an osprey, a lineated woodpecker, Passerini's and palm tanagers, masked tatyra and many others.   During our stay we saw the Black Hawk, the magnificent frigate bird and Red-lored parrot.

Dawn over Cano Island

Sealing-Wax Palm

Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis

Our Cabin

and our hammock

New Dining Room

Guide's Chalet

The Office

Swimming Pool

Bar and temporary dining room

Pedro and Manfred   PC

Student relaxing

Beach home

Eclectic mix

Leaping the falls

Bigger fall


Primary jungle

New shoot from old

Coco pod with disease - the stripe


Gray-throated Leaftosser (Sclerurus albigularis) photo

We saw a gray-throated Leaftosser throwing leaves in all directions, but we did not notice it finding any insects.   from the web

Hot lips

Mango tree - most of the trees have fruits which are produced throughout the year which support fruit eating birds and animals

The Cane toads came out at night when it was too dark to photograph them.   I got this handsome beast from the web.

Nightjars sat near the pools of  light on the paths awaiting insects attracted to the lights.





cane toad

Manfred, Peter and Helen saw a family of tayras in the jungle at the Corcovado Foundation on 18th February 2007.   These pictures are from the web as we had no time to take one and it would probably been too dark anyway.  


Baselisk   PC

The soils are very shallow so trees need buttresses and wide spreading roots

A clearing in the jungle - part of a teaching area.


What are they doing?

Wonderful flower


Peter and Helen at the waterfall

Pam and John who enlivened mealtimes

Our plane

We had hoped to see Scarlet Macaws...

Picture from the web